Extractigators NZ and Australia

The Extractigator is a high quality hand tool for the easy removal of woody invasive plants, such as Gorse, Woolly Nightshade, Broom, Privet, Barberry and many more…With the Extractigator, you can remove woody trees up to 5cm diameter easily - by hand, with minimal soil disturbance - ROOTS AND ALL! The best non Toxic Gorse Solution. Free Shipping to anywhere in New Zealand or Australia.

Extractigators NZ

Hi !  I'm Emma. A few years ago I moved with my family moved to a beautiful piece of land on the Coromandel, covered with every invasive weed possible, including Gorse, Woolly nightshade, Barberry, Wattle, Blackberry and more. In our search to find an effective and non toxic solution to clear out the weeds, we discovered "The Extractigator" invented by Shawn Taylor in BC Canada. After one day of using it, we'd cleared a small field of gorse, roots and all, with minimal soil disturbance.  I realised we had to bring these down under for others to use! For the past 5 years, customers around NZ and Australia have been reporting back with great reviews, enjoying the simplicity and effectiveness of the tools.  Please contact me with any questions, I'm happy to help. Free Shipping anywhere in New Zealand or Australia.